Amendments to Law on Mandatory Social Security Contributions

The Parliamentary group of VMRO­DPMNE will submit a proposal to the parliament on changes and supplements to the law on paying mandatory social security contributions.

After long consultations with several competent state institutions and analysis of all aspects and observations of many citizens, organisations and enterprises, the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE prepared a proposal that would meet all demands, but at the same time, the main purpose of fairness of the previous amendments to the law would not be lost, according to the party. The latest amendments to the Law on contributions for mandatory social insurance facilitates the conditions for payment of the contributions of fees earned on the basis of contract work, copyright agreement or other agreement that exercise benefits. Individuals who earn income from employment (employees) and those that earn income based on pension (pensioners) are exempted from paying contributions if they realise additional revenue on a monthly basis based on contract work, copyright agreement or other contract, less than the amount of the average net salary in Macedonia in the previous year, according to data from the State Statistical Office (about 21,300 denars). These people will pay contributions of the amount which exceeds the limit of 21,300 denars. This is because these people have already been included in the social security system. Persons who are not permanently employed (unemployed), that generate fees based on contractual agreements, copyright agreement or other type of agreement are exempted from the obligation to pay contributions to the amount of the minimum wage established by law (9,590 denars). These individuals will pay contributions of the amount that exceeds 9,590 denars. The goal of this solution is to prevent abuse of the employers who hire people on minimum wage and pay minimum contributions, and paid them extra income through contracts that shorten their right to an adequate pension. New solutions of the amendments to the law will take effect immediately on the date of adoption and will apply to the calculation and payment of revenues generated in January 2015, through settlement. The deadline for submission of applications in the month of February 2015 will be the 25th of the month in order for these changes to take effect immediately.

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