Final Conference on EU-Funded Projects

The European Union continues supporting the Macedonian small and medium-sized enterprises.

The projected 2.2 million euro realized through projects in the past two years have helped companies increase production and export as well as competitiveness on both domestic and regional market. This was the conclusion from the final conference on the two projects where EU Ambassador Aivo Orav underscored that the goal was to stimulate economic growth and transition toward market economy. He announced fresh 10 million euro support for small businesses. “Most of the firms with the support of the European experts have successfully completed the set goals like increasing the number of jobs and bigger competitiveness,” stated Orav. According to Minister of Economy Valon Saracini, the projects related to business-advisory services and growth of enterprises have provided direct assistance to firms for improving their business performances and developing new business skills at managerial level which is vital to be competitive in conditions of market economy. Exploring the market, development of market strategy, branding, looking for strategic partners, exploring export opportunities and attracting investors was only part of the instructions that domestic firms tackled within the EU-funded projects.

Sources: Vecer; Kanal 5; Sitel; MTV1; Makfax 

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