PM Zaev to Abide by any Court Decision in Bribery Case

16052018 4

PM Zoran Zaev said he would abide by any ruling of the court with regard to the Bribe case. “I am happy that through the transparency of this process the public will finally find out the truth... In that context I will respect any court decision,” Zaev said following Tuesday’s hearing. Namely, at the hearing the case was re-qualified at the demand of the Prosecutor’s Office and milder sentence was asked for defendant Zaev. The judge in the case is to issue the verdict on Monday at 12:00 p.m. “The Bribe case proves that for political reasons the institutions in my country were abused with the sole purpose of preventing me or discrediting me while publishing the political bombs,” Zaev assesses. The case was prequalified from receiving to asking bribery, the sentence for which ranges from 1-5 years in prison.