New Round of Name Talks Prepares Meeting between PMs

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Macedonian and Greek Prime Ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras will meet in Sofia on 17 May, UN mediator on Skopje-Athens name talks said Saturday after the new round of negotiations in Sounio near Athens with the foreign ministers of both countries. “I can characterize today’s meeting as rather serious and frequently tense. We have worked hard and done a good job to prepare the meeting between the two prime ministers in Sofia on 17 May,” Nimetz said. Nimetz gave the statement after a six-hour meeting with the FMs of both countries attempting to hammer out a solution to the name issue. Prior to the meeting Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov assessed the meeting with his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias and UN mediator Matthew Nimetz as rather significant. “It is a fact that we have entered the most delicate phase,” he said. Once we come to an agreement and it is legally ratified, the way for (Skopje) to commence the EU accession talks will open, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias told a press conference Friday, referring to the Saturday meeting.