SEPCA General Assembly Held in Ohrid

20042018 1

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski addressed Thursday the first Southeast Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) General Assembly, which is held in Ohrid. Professional development of police in the region depends on effectiveness of measures for prevention and combat cross-border organised crime as well as developing regional partnerships between police and communities. Priorities and challenges are changing, but the goal of mutual cooperation has always been to strengthen the security and stability of countries that are members of a particular group, network, association, Spasovski said. “Regional cooperation, good neighbourly relations and building confidence between us are key elements for stability of our countries and the region. They should be our imperative regardless of the problem we are facing. Individual achievements will be remembered, but always team spirit and compactness must be put on first place. Police services in the region are taking their own initiative through regional cooperation to prove the existing capacity of the countries to cooperate, to harmonize their policies and to contribute to increasing efficiency in dealing with challenges such as organised crime, terrorism and improving the security situation in the region,” Spasovski underlined. He added there are no announcements for new surge of migrants at the moment.

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