Parliament Adopts Reform Package laws with Consensus

13042018 2

MPs voted in the supplemented laws on the Operative-Technical Agency (OTA) and on interception of communications. The laws were adopted with consensus reached after talks in the working groups by the ruling and opposition MPs. The two laws are part of the reform package of laws. Trajce Dimkov of VMRO-DPMNE underlined that the opposition party has had its remarks accepted and imbedded in the text and it will seriously follow their implementation. Vice Parliament Speaker Frosina T. Remenski of SDSM said the text incorporates part of the remarks stemming from the talks which were also attended by experts and further definitions and competencies were defined.

(Kanal 5; Sitel; Telma; Alfa; MTV1; MTV2; Alsat; TV21; MIA; Makfax)