No Confidence Motion against Government Rejected

12042018 1

Following a debate filled with criticism, allegations and disagreements, with 40 votes ‘in favour’, 2 ‘abstentions’ and 62 ‘against’ the parliament did not pass the no confidence motion against the government. This was the fourth no confidence motion in the history of Macedonia. Total 107 MPs were present for the vote. The 10-hour debate started with the elaboration of VMRO-DPMNE Coordinator Dragan Danev who alleged that backtracking is noted in each sphere, the political system is degraded and the violation of the Constitution has become a normal practice. He accused PM Zaev of leading the most criminal government in the history of independent Macedonia. SDSM MP Coordinator Tomislav Tuntev, on his part, assessed the interpellation motion as great disappointment and desperate attempt of VMRO-DPMNE to find justification in order to come back to parliament. Former PM Nikola Gruevski described the work of the incumbent government as one major disappointment for all citizens, accusing Zaev of being exclusively committed to change of the name and dealing with marginal issues instead of concrete initiatives calling on him to withdraw ‘before making greater damage’. Speaking last at the parliament stand the PM reiterated the programme of the government, pointed to the disastrous situation inherited in institutions, telling his rival Gruevski that he is now in the history. “Nikola Gruevski, you are history. Macedonia is now treading forward... We inherited total collapse, blocked institutions,” said Zaev, noting corruptive agreements were still inflicting damage to the country. Finally, he appealed for unity in the process of EU and NATO integrations with the involvement of all stakeholders.

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