Trial on Attempted Murder of Sela Resumes

11042018 2

The trial of defendants for attempted murder on MP Ziadin Sela which took place on 27 April last year in the Macedonian parliament is to resume on 16 April. Tuesday’s hearing heard the testimonies of PS Talat Xhaferi, IT Minister Damjan Mancevski and SDSM MP Aleksandar Kiracovski. Following the end of the hearing Kiracovski told media that 27 April will remain as dark date from the recent history of Macedonia when the constitutional order was undermined. He added that Macedonia is now a legal state and all perpetrators will be held accountable. Mancevski stated that once the assaulters thought Sela was dead they came at them. He identified two of the perpetrators that attacked Sela. PS Xhaferi identified five people, present in the courtroom, who partook in the parliament violence.

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