AJM President Receives Life Threats

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Bekir Asani’s brother Bejtula Asani has levelled threats at AJM President Naser Selmani. Selmani received a message on Facebook with threatening content and AJM informs the case has been reported to the police. The threats were levelled after Selmani wrote on his Facebook profile: “The legal state down on its knees before a criminal supported by DUI”. Moreover, he called on the government to protect the policewoman that was allegedly assaulted by Asani during a car towing incident. The OSCE immediately reacted to the threats against Selmani. “The threats and insults addressed at Naser Selmani, AJM President, are unacceptable. This direct attack on freedom of expression should be swiftly and efficiently investigated and journalist must have their safety guaranteed,” OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Désir wrote on his Twitter account.

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