FM Dimitrov Addresses ‘Group of Friends of Macedonia’, Meets Mogherini

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Brussels saw a meeting of the renewed group Friends of Macedonia, first under the presidency of Dutch Liberal MEP Hans Van Baalen and the first after the power shift in Macedonia. Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and MEP van Baalen on the occasion of the renewal of the group addressed the guests, hailing the support of this group comprising 43 MPs who openly support Macedonia in its European aspirations. “The restoration of the Group Friends of Macedonia, three years since its formation, is a true signal for the support to the new face of Macedonia: democratic, focused to the future and the European family,” stressed Dimitrov. Mr van Baalen stated he hoped for a swift name solution so Macedonia can progress. Afterward Minister Dimitrov met EU Chief of the Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini discussing the stability of the region and the EU integration of Macedonia.

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