PM Zaev meets Turkish President Erdogan

13022018 1

During his visit to Turkey, PM Zoran Zaev, accompanied by Minister without Portfolio Adnan Kahil, met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was on his part accompanied by Deputy PM Hakan Cavusoglu. Zaev thanked Erdogan for the development of the economic relations, as well as for Turkey’s support for Macedonia’s road to membership in the EU and NATO. The Turkish President expressed support for the good-neighbourly policies employed by Macedonia. Supporting the process for a resolution to the name issue with Greece, he stated that it was good for the Balkans as well as for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic perspectives. Zaev also met his counterpart, Binali Yildirim. Agreements were made concerning several areas. Yildirim asked for more active participation and prevention of the activities of Fetullah Gulen’s organisation in Macedonia. The name issue, too, was discussed. “Turkey is a friend of Macedonia’s when it comes to this issue, too,” Zaev said. He called for Turkey’s support for Macedonia’s road to NATO membership to continue. Yildirim stated that his country supported Macedonia on the road to achieving that strategic goal.

(Kanal 5; Sitel; Telma; Alfa; MTV1; MIA; Makfax)