Name issue Talks: New meeting to be Held in Vienna on Tuesday

13022018 2

A new meeting within the frameworks of the negotiations process will take place on Tuesday in Vienna. FM Nikola Dimitrov and his Greek counterpart, Nikos Kotzias, will meet tonight in the Austrian capital, the Macedonian Foreign Ministry said in a press-release on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, they will have a joint meeting with mediator Matthew Nimetz, at which it’s envisaged for the talks to intensify and for them to review the mediator’s proposal. According to Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, a compound name for foreign and internal use that requires a constitutional change and an end to all kinds of suspicions about irredentist stands is the framework that guarantees a closure to the name dispute. At the meeting of SYRIZA’s parliamentary group, he said the Greek government had assumed responsibility for the problem to be resolved “with dignity and patriotic responsibility”, reiterating the Greek side’s stands. Ex-Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov told a TV station in his country that the solution shouldn’t be at Bulgaria’s expense. As he added, “Northern Macedonia” or “Upper Macedonia” includes the Pirin region. “We do not comment on the Aegean region while the aspirations into Bulgaria remain, float in the air. This is something the two countries’ governments should negotiate the least,” he stated.

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