Name issue: Mediator Nimetz hopeful Process is moving in Positive direction

18012018 1

Following Wednesday’s meeting with negotiators Vasko Naumovski and Adamantios Vassilakis in New York, UN mediator Matthew Nimetz said a solution to the name dispute was in the making, which would end the row. “I'm very hopeful that this process is moving in a positive direction,” he stated. As Nimetz added, he tabled a set of suggestions and proposals and expects the negotiators to present them to the two countries’ governments. “I presented a set of suggestions for solving the issue,” the mediator noted. According to Nimetz, expecting a resolution not containing the word “Macedonia” is unrealistic. The mediator assumes that he will be able to visit Athens and Skopje in the next two weeks in order to hear the opinions about how things should continue further, but that, as he underlined, depends on the FMs. “My ideas as a whole are new because it's a new combination of ideas. I’ve said this previously in a press-conference, when you talk about an issue and a dispute for 25 years, it’s very unlikely that you come up with something completely new and a lot of people have been thinking about this for many years. So, it’s hard to think of something completely new. However, I think the situation in the region is somewhat different, the participants are different. So, I view this as a good set of ideas, a compromise and a package that both sides should feel comfortable with and lead to a dignified and satisfactory solution,” he underlined. According to Naumovski, Nimetz’s proposals are far from a dignified solution.

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