Parliament adopts Law on Use of Languages

12012018 1

On Thursday, Parliament adopted the Law on the Use of Languages, with 69 votes in favour. It was voted through with a double majority, too, i.e. it was supported by 27 MPs from the non-majority, whereas one abstained. The adoption took place without the presence of VMRO-DPMNE MPs, who are boycotting Parliament. According to Hristijan Mickoski’s party, the Law is unconstitutional and discriminates Macedonian and the other languages spoken in Macedonia. DUI MP Artan Grubi said he expected VMRO-DPMNE and President Gjorge Ivanov to support the Law.In meantime, a group of citizens dissatisfied by the adoption of the law gathered in front of the Parliament to protest it.Albanian PM Edi Rama welcomed the adoption.

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