FM Dimitrov and Kotzias hold Meeting in Thessaloniki

12012018 2

On Thursday, FM Nikola Dimitrov held a meeting in Thessaloniki with his Greek counterpart, Nikos Kotzias. According to the Macedonian Foreign Ministry’s press-release, the meeting was held within the frameworks of the established dialogue and communications between the two countries. The talks focused on advancing the bilateral relations and cooperation in a wider context, in relation to the current confidence-building measures. Both Dimitrov and Kotzias expect the 17 January meeting in New York will see UN mediator Matthew Nimetz table an initial framework that will result in essential progress in the efforts to overcome the name dispute. They discussed the methodology, the two sides’ approach and the framework of the process to resolve the issue and agreed to have a more direct role in the talks aiming at a resolution, as well as their views on the confidence-building measures between the two countries.

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