Name issue: Greek government Denies speculations Progress has Been achieved

11012018 1

The Greek government denies the speculations that progress has been achieved when it comes to the name dispute and that “The Republic of New Macedonia” is the reached deal. Spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos declines to comment on the nomenclature despite saying that important steps are expected in the coming days. “We are not interested in the numerous speculations regarding the name negotiations, but rather in continuing the negotiations in a serious manner so that we can reach in the next several months a solution to the problem that has followed us for 25 years,” he says. The Macedonian government, too, declines to enter concrete essential debates when it comes to the talks, once again pointing to PM Zoran Zaev’s stand that the climate has improved exceptionally and that a potential resolution exists that both sides would find acceptable. Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani, too, is optimistic. “I think that this dispute is coming to an end. It has taken us 25 years out of the possibility to cooperate, to trade, to develop and now is the time to close it without damaging and having in mind the sensitivity of both sides over the issue. There is a solution that is mutually acceptable and without sort of attacking the most sensitive values that both sides have over the issue,” he said in an interview with Greek TV station Antenna. Osmani was also asked about Zaev's comments about a potential renaming of the Skopje airport if necessary and whether that meant that “the statues from the public buildings or places” could be removed.  “I think that we, both countries, need to undertake some intermediary steps, as I said, in order to reach that maturity for finding a solution,” the Deputy PM underlined.

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