Council for monitoring Judicial reforms to be Formed by month’s End

11012018 2

Government Sec Gen Bosnjakovski said on Wednesday that a new Council that would be in charge of monitoring judicial reforms would be formed by the end of January. It still has not been revealed how many and which members it will comprise, but it will be headed by PM Zoran Zaev. According to the government, the hitherto Council at the Justice Ministry has successfully and professionally done its job within the frameworks of Plan 3-6-9’s first and second part. The government does not want to enter concrete debates regarding the name issue talks, but everything is going towards there being a potential solution both sides find acceptable, Bosnjakovski added. BESA will support the reform laws. However, it and DPA will not become part of the government. Bosnjakovski said Zaev and his family would be on a winter vacation in Italy until 17 January.

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