Zivaljevic comments on Igor Jug’s participation in 27 April incidents

13092017 4

In an interview with Serbian TV station Happy, Goran Zivaljevic, the Serbian intelligence officer who was present in Parliament during the 27 April incidents, says that according to some information, Igor Jug, who was part of the people who stormed the building, was supposed to kill Zoran Zaev, who at that time was the leader of the opposition. “In those photos in which those people are entering with masks and are beating Zaev, there is also a man with a Croatian Armed Forces emblem, Igor Jug, and if you carefully look at the video, it can be seen that he is keeping his hand behind his back the whole time. According to some information, that is a man who was supposed to kill Zoran Zaev,” he says. As Zivaljevic points out, the media covered that information in the first 1-2 days after the incidents. “Since then, however, I have never seen in the media whether that man is arrested, where he is. All services in Macedonia know the names of the 10 people who were wearing masks,” he points out. Zivaljevic says that he still follows the Macedonian media which, as he explains, do not ask who those people are.