Parliamentary debate on Interpellation motion Against FM Dimitrov

12092017 1

During the debate on the interpellation motion against FM Nikola Dimitrov, the VMRO-DPMNE MPs said they had several remarks about his work so far. In their view, Dimitrov has caused a lot of problems, such as big mistakes when it comes to decisions on staff, the so-called strategy on migrants and the deal with Bulgaria. “He had been promoting government-opposition cooperation but afterwards, he removed Aleksandar Nikoloski from the post ungroundedly,” Antonio Milososki noted. Also, the VMRO-DPMNE MP said careerism was Dimitrov’s ideology. “The national interest is my ideology,” the FM responded. As he stressed, though the agreement with Bulgaria is not ideal, “there is no such thing as an ideal deal”. According to him, it’s disastrous from a geopolitical standpoint if a country has disagreements with two neighbours. Also, Dimitrov pointed to the numerous meetings the members of the new government have had so far. The vote was concluded with 43 votes in favour and 56 against which rendered the motion unsuccessful.

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