BESA expects to Have SEC member at Local elections

12092017 4

BESA expects to have a State Election Commission (SEC) member at the local elections. According to Fadil Zendeli, if that is not the case, the SEC’s decisions would be illegitimate and illegal. On Monday, the parliamentary groups from both the opposition and the ruling majority filed changes to the Electoral Code, in a shortened procedure, which envisage a possibility of dismissing a SEC member before the expiration of their term. The changes were adopted by Parliament. The BESA MP expects the dismissal to take place before the elections. Once the changes are made, Parliament will publish a competition for the potential candidates for new member. According to information from BESA, lawyer Ermira Asani Salija, who is part of the party’s Central Board, is the most serious candidate for the SEC seat. SDSM MP Petre Silegov said the changes created an opportunity to appoint a BESA representative as a member of the SEC.

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