Decision to appoint Directors of organs Published in Official Gazette

11082017 1

Dan Doncev from VMRO for Macedonia will head the Health Insurance Fund, while Gorjan Tozija will manage the Film Agency. They are part of the new directors appointed by the government. After the checked filed documentation and the facts, the Commission on Staff Issues confirmed they meet the conditions to be appointment. The decisions to appoint officials and directors of organs, state administrations and penitentiaries were published on Thursday also in the Official Gazette. What can be noticed is that all 67 directors and officials have been appointed in acting capacity. As the government explains, that is the case because it plans, in the spirit of transparency, after the local elections, to schedule competitions for all posts, after which the directorial positions would be filled in a regular procedure. The list also includes, among others, Arifat Muaremi (Financial Police Office), Blaze Trendafilov (Financial Intelligence Office)and Iset Shabani (State Market Inspectorate).

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