VMRO-DPMNE continues to Level accusations at SDSM-led government

11082017 4

On Thursday, VMRO-DPMNE held several press-conferences at which it levelled fierce accusations against the government led by SDSM. “SDSM is causing chaos in the Interior Ministry and turning the institution into a party branch. Minister Spasovski is politicising the Ministry and degrading the professionals at the expense of people obedient to the party,” Saso Pavlovski said. Marija Andonovska accused SDSM and Health Minister Arben Taravari of “politicising the health sector with improper decisions on staff”.In response to the accusations, SDSM said Macedonia’s institutions were being professionalised.  “The government led by SDSM has started a process to free the institutons captured by VMRO-DPMNE, professionalise them, as well as to make then function only in the interest of Macedonia and its citizens,” Zaev’s party stated.

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