Association files Criminal charges Against 10 judges

11082017 5

The association “Green Magnifying GLASS” filed on Thursday criminal charges against 10 judges. All charges concern the Special Prosecutor’s Office case in which defendants Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskoski are now at large. The charges were filed against Lenka Davitkovska, Tatjana Mihajlova and Dijana Gruevska of the Criminal Court, Liljana Sopova, Safet Kadriu and Cvetanka Peric of the Court of Appeals in Skopje, as well as against Jovo Vangelovski, Faik Arslani, Risto Katavenoski and Xhemail Saiti of the Supreme Court. All charges concern abuse of official position with an intent for others to benefit. The association said it would request that the judges be held responsible also through the Council for Determination of Facts.

(Telma; Makfax)