DUI reviewing Document sent from SDSM

15022017 3

DUI is reviewing the document sent from SDSM. On Tuesday, Ali Ahmeti’s party declined to comment on anything. SDSM said it would enable the necessary signatures for a majority to be quickly collected. However, neither DUI nor SDSM reveal the content. DUI will review the document also at a session of the central presidency. Before that, DUI and Alliance for Albanians delegations will hold a meeting in Tetovo at which the latter, too, will be familiarised with the document’s content. Besa said it had received no invitation to a meeting. “However, even if we receive it, we will reject it,” the party pointed out. Besa adheres to its explanation that DUI has no credibility to discuss the Albanian issues. Citing SDSM sources, Albania-based Top Channel TV said SDSM had prepared a 72-page-document with which it had fully accepted the Albanian platform and proposed in detail a new law on the use of languages in Macedonia.

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