Skopje Prosecutor’s Office: Election irregularities Case opened in 2016

14022017 1

The Skopje Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday it had opened a procedure concerning election irregularities as early as 2016The investigation pertains to the financing of SDSM’s election campaign. As the Office added, its actions are unselective and not related to activities assumed by other organs. The Office does not reveal data about the course of the procedure in order not to violate the secrecy. The press-release was issued, as it was explained, because of objective informing and to avoid the speculations. “Acting upon a criminal charge filed by a relevant institution, a case has been formed against one person, an organiser of an election campaign and other persons, as well as against one legal person for a committed crime of misuse of funds to finance an election campaign,” the Office underlined. So far, previous actions have been assumed, while material documentation and relevant written evidence have been requested and obtained. Also, there has been a hearing over 70 witnesses on the Office’s premises.

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